We carry more than 60 styles of commercial-quality aprons for the hospitality industry. Most of these are available in 20 popular colors. We've yet to find a restaurant, hotel or dining room we couldn't outfit with our USA-Made aprons, vests and cobblers.

Colors First!

When shopping, look for your colors first. Since most locations already have a specific color scheme, mixing and matching styles works quite well.

For example, you might want to outfit the hostess in a classy, no-button vest, and dinner servers in buttoned vests. You might want bus boys to wear bib or bistro aprons (since they offer much more coverage), and cashiers with standard waist aprons. The bulk of the styles we carry can easily be integrated with each other, making color selections the primary factor in choosing uniform wear.

You may also find you have to mix styles based on the sizes your employees wear. In most cases, the ties for our waist, bistro, bib and butcher aprons are plenty long enough. In some cases, though, you may need to purchase a few aprons that come with longer ties and provide more coverage for larger people. Save for uniform vests and cobblers, which come in sizes from Small to 2X or 5X, aprons are typically "one size fits most".

Don't ignore the back-of-house!

There's little that's as unappealing as seeing a food preparer walk out of the kitchen with all types of splatter on the apron. All of our Back of House aprons sport a soil-release finish, which helps keep those splatters from becoming permanent stains. They also have crease-resistant finishes. We do recommend, however, having a few extra aprons on hand should a big spill occur and the cook or food transporter has to step into eyesight of diners.

Though back of house wear is most always white, don't be afraid to incorporate some colorful aprons for whenever the behind-the-scenes staff has to take a dash through the dining room.