Simple Embroidered Text

The text function was developed to offer customers a simple and easy way to add embroidered text to our garments.

Simple because we have narrowed down the number of Fonts and colors available, and you can see your selection on-line.

There are limitation on the size of the text, and the size of the application for the embroidered text.

  • -Three lines of text maximum.
  • - 6 ½”Width x 1.0”Height per line maximum.
  • -Some areas on our garments have application size, text size, and hoop limitation that will not allow maximum size text application, for example on stock garment pockets.
  • -Single style orders over 36 pieces may be available for larger text applications on pockets, as well as the body of the garment.

We have a 12 piece minimum, but will consider slightly smaller quantities.

Start your text application by going to the style and color garment ordering page:

  • Step 1) Select the font and color of the text you require.
  • Step 2) Type the text on the line(s), the text should appear in the garment.
  • Step 3) Adjust the text, font, color, and placement of the text to desired format.

    Note: Theme. If you have a theme for your project, let us know and we will see if we have corresponding embroidery files that we can offer you to enhance your embroidered garments as an inexpensive addition.

  • Step 4) Press submit button, and your information will be e-mailed to us for a quote. We will respond within 24 hours.

Custom Embroidered Logo

For customers that have a logo, or design that they would to like have embroidered on our garments.

We have a 12 piece minimum as well on this option, but will consider smaller quantities and mixing styles to meet the minimum.

Please complete request form with the style, color, quantity, size of logo, and placement of your design.

Note: size, be careful, there are limitations to the size of an embroidered logo that we can apply to our garments as a function of the application area, hoop size accessibility, and stitch count cost.

For non-embroidery format files, the design needs to be in one of the following formats; jpg, png., pdf., tiff., and must be of medium to higher quality.

When you are ready to send your logo for evaluation, please click on the submit button to upload your design.

Non-embroidery format files must be converted into digital embroidery machine language before they can be used for embroidery. There is usually a onetime fee for this conversion, much like the artwork setup fee for screen printing.

Logo/design in embroidery file formats do not generally need to be converted from a digital format into an embroidery files to be embroidered, but may be dependent on the quality and type of file determining whether it can be used. If you do not have embroidery software, you will not be able to open these files for viewing.

We can open the following embroidery file formats:

Commercial Formats Home Formats
Graphics Files (DesignShop and higher product levels) Brother/Babylock/Bernina (*.pec)
Melco Project Files (*.ofm) Brother/Babylock/Bernina (*.pes)
Melco Condensed Files (*.cnd) Janome / Elna Files (*.sew)
Melco Expanded Files (*.exp) Janome Files (*.pes, *.jef)
Melco 3.5 Inch Floppy (non-DOS, regular & hi reliability) Pfaff Files (*.pcs)
Saurer SHC (*.pat) Pfaff Macintosh (*.pcm)
Tajima DOS (*.dst) Poem/Singer Embroidery Files (*.csd)
Tajima Lo & Hi Density Floppy (non-DOS) Singer (*.xxx)
ZSK Floppy (non-DOS) Husqvarna Viking (*.hus)
ZSK (DOS) (.zsk) Oklahoma Embroidery .oef (read only)
Barudan FDR / FMC Floppy (non-DOS) Elna (*.emd)
Barudan FDR / FMC (DOS) (*.fdr / *.fmc) Viking D1 (*.shv)
Saurer SHC (*.pat) Great Notions Condensed (*.gnc) (read only)

Again, once we have received the file, we will determine whether it can be used, or if the image needs to be re-digitized; embroidery files can become corrupted or are of poor quality dependent on the original digitizing process.

When you are ready to send your embroidery file for evaluation, please click on the submit button to upload your file.

Please remember to include the number of colors in your logo/design along with the corresponding pms, CMKY, or pantone numbers/codes for those colors if you have them, so we can match them as closely as possible to the correct embroidery threads.

Custom Designed Aprons

There is a 40 piece minimum, in lots of 40 pieces, for custom design aprons, vests, and cobblers.

Why 40 pieces? The cutting tables we use, lay out 20 layers of fabric minimum, which yields a minimum of 2 garments per layer; 20 x 2 = 40.

Production is generally 7 to 10 business days from receipt of order, FOB-GA.

Possible alterations and customization to our garments using our stock 7.5oz 65/35% Polyester-Cotton US twill fabric, or other stock fabrics.

Size(width and/or height), Pockets(size, color, type, placement, quantity), Binding/Trim(size, color), Thread(color), Apron Ties(color, size), Neck Strap(loop, slider, criss-cross, snap, button),Vest Closure(button, snap, open), Fabric(7.5oz 65/35 twill, 100% cotton, polyester twill, denim, 600 denier polyester)

How to request a quote for a custom apron, vest or cobbler.

Please select the closest style garment from our offerings to the design you want, by going to that styles ordering page. On the ordering page there is a product outline with the stock measurements for that style, please use this as a reference template for your custom garment, and complete the request form with the changes you want to see.

Example (1)

Style #106: 6-pocket rounded waist apron, 13”L x 22”W, 7.5oz 65/35 twill fabric.

help page example 1

Custom: “Bingo” rounded waist apron with 8-pockets, in black 600 denier polyester fabric, 13”L x 27”W

Example (2)

Style #220: adj.neck, center divide pocket, bib apron, 34”L x 23”W, 7.5oz 65/35 twill fabric.

help page example 2

Custom: #220 with a criss-cross back, instead of an adjustable neck slider.

Example (3)

Style #742-YL: 2-pocket unisex vest w/button closure, 7.5oz 65/35 twill fabric.

help page example 3

Custom: 742-Yellow with contracting red binding, red pockets and red buttons.

When you have decided on the changes, or additions you would like to have on your garment, please submit the request form via e-mail, and we will try to have a quote for you in 24 hours.

If in addition to a custom designed garment, you require embroidery, please submit your image by using the submit button.